In The Day, Meeting Women Is More Fun

The majority of men only go to clubs and bars to meet women. It's because it's a good place to find hot and sexy girls. But it can be a problem if you have many things to do the next morning. If you've got no time for bars and clubs other avenues exists where there are plenty of hot women.

meet women in the streets
During the day, you can already see a woman's normal life. In the streets, the girls are approached less by guys. Not every girl likes to go to the bars and clubs to party like the more reserved girls. You can approach women everywhere while you are living your life.  

While doing your usual daily thing, you can also add meeting women to that. Guys who use daygame find it easier to meet girls who became their girlfriend later on. Meeting these women and getting their number is a lot easier than you think. You feel free to meet women in any situation and you are not limited.    

Different location require different strategies for meeting women. Most women are walking in the street going shopping or going somewhere. You need to match the energy of your environment. And in the day, you need to be more relaxed and easy going than at night. In clubs, you can dance and be all high energy but not in the street.    

When a man meets a woman, there needs to be some connection between them. You should have a great connection with her to further the relationship. You must not doubt yourself when you want to really connect with someone. That connection will be wasted if you don't fully trust yourself. Trust yourself fully and don't let anything hinder your success with women. Do sports to meet women during the day.

If you learn day game from day game blueprint, you can meet a lot of women if play sports in your local area. And it doesn't cost much to do sports. Playing sports is fun and informal which is great for starting relationships. If you can join a country club, you can also expand your social life. Give yourself a chance to meet someone who enjoys sports like you do.   

Take some time off to meet and spend time with girls. You have to take action to meet the girl of your dreams. To get the best results, go to places where there are a lot of women. On weekdays, schools and universities are good areas to meet all kinds of women. Most students gather at certain areas to read books and socialize. You can meet them and socialize by starting a conversation.

You can take the conversation wherever you want but you should meet for a date later. If you have work and can't take the day off, night classes is a good option for you, Many women will be waiting for their classes, that's when you start a conversation. Any classes where women are interested should be your target. having something in common will easily get you something to talk about. And you will be seeing them consistently throughout the week.

It's easy to find quality dates. 

The touching and holding in dancing creates bonding. You'll have many opportunities to bond with many girls. You need to have excellent posture all the time like a real gentleman. Another advantage is having a strong common passion in dancing. All you need to do is dance with them and words will naturally come. 

You'll have more opportunities to talk about things and dance together for long hours. If you find a girl you like, just bring her to dance parties.   

If you're shy, meeting women could be a difficult. Something had to change to conquer you shyness and gain some confidence. You need to start getting out of your comfort zone slowly. Greet strangers where ever you may be. This might be a lot of work in the beginning but you need to do it. After several times it will get less difficult.

Just simply say something without expecting any reply. How they respond is not important and you are just being nice. What you want is become comfortable talking to others and not let others affect you. Get outside of your comfort zone and do not worry about approaching women. Talk to anyone and everyone until you can be social and outgoing. It can be intimidating at first but the fear will disappear and it will become pleasurable to meet people.  

Just be yourself when you are talking to girls. Don't try to mislead or lie because it will all just come out wrong. You just have to get the conversation going and lead it to where you like. You could bring up a topic they may be interested in. It will become easier once you get her talking because women love to talk.

You just have to listen to them attentively until it's your turn to talk again. Pay attention when she talks and look into her eyes. Always add some humor into the conversation to keep it neutral and fun. Add some small compliments to make her smile. 

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